Buyer can't pay on my site

Hi, I was testing my new experthive site by buying a service, but a “no valid payment method” text was shown as soon as I tried to pay for the service. I have woocommerce installed, therefore I don’t know why this happened…

Okay So I enabled payments on woocommerce, and this time when I try to place an order, it fails and a “please provide card number” is shown, but there is no box in which I can put my card details…


This issue is related to WooCommerce because HivePress doesn’t affect the checkout page, it’s implemented by WooCommerce and we just rely on their payment gateways. Please try checking the payment gateway docs, you can also contact WooCommerce support (or the support of this payment gateway if it’s a non-official WooCommerce extension).

Since woocommerce (I guess) is a WordPress plug-in, can i ask to WordPress live chat? If not, what do you suggest? Do you know any woocommerce support address ?


Please check this link Contact Us - WooCommerce

ok they solved the issue by customizing the checkout page, replacing the checkout block.
One question: what happens when the buyer makes the order? How much time does it take for the seller to receive the money?


After the client has paid for the listing, the funds first go to the site owner, and the site owner, depending on the chosen payout method, sends the funds to the vendor. We cannot say more about the time; it depends on the payment methods and payouts, so it is individual.

Also, please check these docs:

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