Buyers fee bug - percentage amount not working correctly

Under Hivepress / Users you can add a buyers fee, either by adding a fixed ammount, say 5$, or by adding a percentage, lets say 0.5%

The fixed ammount of 5$ works as expected, and is added to the total order ammount the buyer pays on checkout.

Example: Buyer buys a listing to $100. On checkout buyer has to pay $105. The 5$ is awarded to the marketplace together with the commission. Vendor gets $100 - 20% commission = $80.

The percented ammount of 0.5% is not added to the checkout. Instead, during a transfer to the vendor, it is taken from the netto gain from the vendor. $80 - 0.5% = $79.6

Mind you that this is using Stripe Connect as payoutsystem, and this bug is very clear and visible in the stripe connect dashboard.

Also, while on the subject of nett ammount etc. Taking the example above, the vendor dashboard shows a income of $105 from the sale, whitch is wrong. First, the buyers fee of $5 should never be visible to the vendor. Second, this is not the income of the vendor. This graph should show the gain after the commission is taken into account, so it should show $80.


Thank you for waiting. It seems like Stripe takes commission during a transfer. It is possible to check the transfer details sent by HivePress Marketplace payout functionality in Tools/Scheduled Actions. It is possible to find payout details with a search by hook hivepress/v1/models/order/payout. The first argument (index 0) is the order ID, and the last (index 2) is the payout amount sent to the vendor. It was tested locally, and it seems like it works correctly

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