Buyers fee doesn't apply to the accepted offer checkout

Hi, I set a buyers fee 10kr and it normally applies when user is buying some service as you can see in the first image. But when user is paying accepted offer buyers fee is missing (image n. 2). Can someone help me with this?

And one more thing. When I set direct payment for some reason buyer need to pay the whole amount of the offer to the website. Neither vendors fee is counted (image n.1) like it is when user is buying a service (image n.2)


The problem is in the Number of decimals setting in Woocommerce/Settings/General. It is set to 0 now. So if the order price is $10, the Service fee equals $0.40. But due to the setting, the number 0.40 round to 0, which is why the Service fee equals 0 on the checkout page. Please try to set the Number of decimals setting in Woocommerce/Settings/General to 2 numbers at least

I did what you said and nothing changed.

Here is the setting on my website.
-10kr buyers commission fee
-10% sellers commission rate

So according to this settings if accepted order is 100kr buyer should be paying only 20kr (10kr fixed buyers fee + 10% sellers rate) to the website and 90kr to the seller in person if direct payment is set like it is on picture. But as you can see buyers fee is not even counted and the buyer has to pay whole amount to the website for some reason even the direct payment is set. And I am not sure if sellers rate is counted because this checkout seems like buyer is buying some product from me and not from seller.

Please send temporary WP access to with details for reproducing this issue, and we’ll check it. You can create a temporary access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

Correct, It is not working properly.

Way around: I went to Woocommerce and added standard rates under tax and then It was showing the calculations on the buyer’s checkout with commission.

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