Buyers UX issues in booking

Hi there Team HP

In terms of the Booking extension’s finer points, we feel there is a Buyer UX problem that could be improved. :roll_eyes:

(Note to other Community members: Referring to orders as that is what they are in our use case, but they are bookings in the default HP/RentalHive setup.)

When on the hp-template–bookings-view-page

or the hp-template–booking-view-page

and the Buyer wants to make payment for an abandoned order by clicking the Pay Now button (in our use case) they are immediately directed to the woocommerce-checkout page.

We feel there was a reason why the order was abandoned, so should the Buyer not rather be directed to the hp-template–booking-make-details-page

to confirm the order, and possibly be able to change the details of the order should they wish by clicking the change button, before being directed to the woocommerce-checkout page?

We just feel this would kind of eliminate having a lot of pending orders in the Buyer’s hp-template–bookings-view-page.

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