Buying listing when not logged in

I tried to buy a listing without logging in.
when i selected buy now i got directed to this page

when i clicked on return to shop. i was taken to the paid listing packages i created.

The thing is i don’t want non logged user to be able to buy listing. they should be directed to create an account. just like how they’re directed to create an account when the select the reply to listing button.

  1. how do i hide maps across the site. i dont want them to display can you help with a css code snippet

thanks alot


  1. Please try to re-save this listing, and make sure that guest checkout is disabled in WooCommerce settings. Then the registration form will be basically built into the checkout form.

  2. This one should hide the maps:


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Thanks @ihor I’ll also need help with the following.

  1. How do I remove footer in some pages?

  2. In the expert page the filter isn’t working based on category. I except when using he filter to search for vendors based on category it is supposed to bring out vendors who registered in the chosen category. For example, I created a vendor account and selecting beauty in the category when completing my profile. I expect my profile to show when beauty is filtered and searched in the expert page but it doesn’t.

  3. I noticed my page shakes when I scroll down the listing page. How do I go about it.

  4. Can i hire a professional to help me integrate automatic payout on my website? Since it’s currently limited to stripe.

Thanks for the job you’re doing. I really appreciate

  1. If you mean making it hidden for specific page IDs and slugs this would require code customizations, the easiest way is probably targeting it via the .page-123 CSS class where 123 is the page ID>

  2. Please send a link to this page and we’ll test it, if there’s a bug this will be fixed in the next update.

  3. This seems to be a bug in the sticky sidebar script we’re using, we’ll reach out to its developers or try to add a fix on our side, here’s a related topic with a temporary fix Page Shaking

  4. We temporarily don’t offer customization services, but we plan to start within a month. You can also consider hiring a developer fia Fiverr or Upwork, we provide general guidance about the best implementation.

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Thanks @ihor

Please how do I get the page ID for each page :pray:t2:

Please edit it in WordPress/Pages, the page ID will be visible in the browser address bar. You can also use the Inspect Element tool in browser to check the “body” HTML tag classes.

.hp-template .inner-wrapper-sticky {
  position: static!important; 
  transform: none!important;
	float: left;

i tried using this code suggested from the link you provided and my page is still shaking

Please try this CSS snippet but please note that it can require further customization

.hp-template .inner-wrapper-sticky {
  position: static!important; 
  transform: none!important;
	float: left;

	padding-bottom: 12rem!important;

Thanks. It worked!

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