Calculate compound cost

I need to create a calculation option considering two variables, for example:
construction drilling service: cost per m + cost per number of drills.

5x10m + 10x 5 drills = $100

This calculation method would be optionally configured by the seller.

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, it would require a custom implementation.
But you can try the workaround in HivePress > Settings > Listings in the Selling section enable:

  • Allow sellers to set pricing tiers;
  • Allow sellers to add price extras;
  • Allow buyers to select quantity (the price will be multiplied by the quantity, but there will be only one field).

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Extras cannot be multiplied into just specific ads. Would it be possible to allow this configuration by the seller?

All price extras are now multiplied by the number of purchased listings.
Unfortunately, we don’t have this feature, but we plan to add it.

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