Calendar Days Not Blacking out past Check-out date

Steps to reproduce

The listing sets the check-in and check-out date.
The days past the check out date are not blacked out allowing the user to choose them during the booking process.

Expected result

The dates past the check-out date in the listing shouldnt be available at all.

This seems to be the expected behavior - only the booking dates are blocked in the listing calendar, it doesn’t block all the future dates if there’s a single booking. For example, if you make a booking for 10-20 of July then only these dates will be blocked. The last day of booking may be available if nightly booking are enabled instead of daily (so the next booking can start on 20th since the previous guests will check out).

Sorry, I guess it was not explained well. Here are some pictures for a better understanding. When setting the ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ dates (I have renamed them 'first and last day of bookings) it does not black out the dates that are not in the selected range. The user is able to attempt to book days that are not in the selected date range.

These seem to be custom attributes added in Listings/Attributes section - they are not linked to the Bookings extension calendar. If you added these attributes and assigned them to Display Areas then they just show the entered value, they don’t restrict the calendar.

If you use Bookings, the calendar dates are blocked in these cases:

  • There’s a confirmed booking for these dates
  • Dates are blocked manually in the Calendar tab
  • Dates are restricted by Offset/Window (e.g. if you set a window of 30 days then bookings can be made only 30 days in advance)

Unfortunately there’s no way to set a specific start/end availability date but we’ll consider adding this feature. In the current version there may be a workaround if vendor blocks a date range manually before and after in the Calendar, and sets some booking window.

P.S. Please consider using a tool like this one for making screenshots, we’re using it for providing support Lightshot — screenshot tool for Mac & Win

How could I add the original attributes that did restrict the calendar?

Please let me know which booking attributes/settings are missing, these should be added by the Bookings extension automatically - you don’t have to add them in Listings/Attributes. For example, the booking window, offset, min/max booking length should be available by default.

I don’t have the original check-in and check-out attributes. I replaced them with custom ones not knowing that the new ones wouldn’t restrict the calendar. How can I add these back to restrict the calendar?

Sorry for the confusion. If you mean these demo attributes Screenshot by Lightshot then don’t restrict bookings either, they just indicate the listing details and terms (the check-in/check-out times, so customers know that they can’t arrive until some time and they can’t check out later than some time), bookings still block the date range selected in the calendar during the booking process and these times don’t restrict anything.

Okay, I understand now. So the only way to block out dates is via the calendar after posting the listing.

  1. What snippet can I use to require the booking window?
  2. What snippet can I use to require the booking offset?
  3. Is there any way I can add the ‘manually block days out’ feature on the calendar as an attribute to the listings so the Vendors do not have to remember to go do it after the listing has been submitted??

1, 2. These don’t require snippets, please edit a listing and set the Booking Offset and Booking Window field values (these appear in account settings instead of the listing form if you enabled “per-vendor” booking mode that merges all listing calendars into a single one).

  1. Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, but setting a specific before/after availability dates for the whole calendar makes sense - we added this to the project backlog and will consider adding this feature. In the current version it’s possible to set a window (e.g. booking max 30 days in advance starting from today), offset (the number of days for the booking start, starting from today) and block date ranges manually in the calendar by selecting them.

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