Calendar/Scheduler for requests

Is there a built in calendar that will add accepted offers to the calendar based on the scheduled date/time of the request? If not, is there any plugins that can do this in Hivepress? Would like to have this for both users and vendors.

It’s not possible for requests yet, but you can do this for listings via the Bookings extension.

I don’t think the listing calendar will work for our model. Is there a recommended calendar plugin that can be added that doesn’t conflict w/hivepress but will interact with a users icalendar or google calendar?

Sorry, there’s no easy way to add the booking calendar to requests at the moment, this would require integration. Requests has a bit different purpose, e.g. you can add a custom Date attribute to allow customers to select a date or date range they want the job to be done, this way they can indicate the date via the date picker when adding a request.

We understand.
However, can you recommend a stand alone scheduling calendar plugin that we could use that will not conflict with hivepress?

The idea would be that once a buyer has accepted an offer on a posted request both the buyer and vendor could manually enter the date into a separate calendar plugin that would then be connected to their google calendar, outlook calendar or icalendar.

This calendar would not interact with hivepress. the users would manually enter the scheduled date of the request. The plugin calendar would then be synced with their google calendar, icalendar or other calendar of their choice based on the plugin that can be used.

So, we are looking for suggestions on a stand alone calendar plugin that we could use from you.

Thank You,

I’d be glad to help, but unfortunately it’s not so easy, any third-party calendar plugin will not be aware about the HivePress-specific functions and data, e.g. it will not detect requests, users, vendors (this would require integration with HivePress on the calendar’s side). If you find a calendar plugin it will just be a common calendar for all users on a standalone page, it will not be linked to requests in any way, so this functionality wouldn’t be available:

Linking a third-party calendar to requests, and separate user-specific external calendars would require a custom implementation.

Is an integrated individual user calendar on the roadmap for future features?

It’s not on the roadmap yet but we’ll consider adding user-specific calendars, calendars for requests are definitely planned. Currently calendars are available for listings and vendors (they can view and manage common calendars of their listings).

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