Calendar sync random

Hi there, we have a test listing on our site which is synced with our Airbnb calendar. It is synced correctly until about January and then has random dates open that are blocked on Airbnb. Any reason why this would be happening?

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Please describe the steps to reproduce the issue, you can also send a sample ICS file URL for testing via email If we reproduce and confirm the bug we’ll fix it in any case.

Hi there, here is an example of the dates on the site

vs the airbnb calendar

As you can see the dates are completely different. Why would this be?


If possible, please send us the ICS file URL here or via email at If we reproduce and confirm the bug, we will fix it.

Are these what you need?


We checked this issue from our side, and it seems okay.

This calendar has blocked dates from 19 April 2023 to 19 January 2024. If there were other bookings from your website during this period (or you manually blocked these dates), so these dates may not be blocked after import.

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