Can a vendor register without adding a listing or stripe payout account?

I am trying to configure the vendor to register without needing to add the listing details. I would like for the vendor to go directly into the package selection. However, when a new user enters the system and clicks on the Add Listing button, it requires them to complete their profile, and then the submit button says to proceed to Stripe. I have enabled Stripe Connect.

I also have a couple of vendor attributes and have tried to add the direct registration link in the menu but it didn’t work.

Here is the video: 24.08.2022_22.30.41_REC

In summary, I would like to create a direct registration page where a vendor can select a package before doing anything else. Then I would like them to be prompted to setup their profile and proceed to payment. However, I do not want them to be directed to Stripe right away.

Is this possible?

I have vendor attributes created—


I have added the direct registration > added the /register-vendor URL to the home page. However, when I click on that link it re-routes me back to the home page. Please see the video below.

I downloaded a PHP plugin. See the video below. I added the PHP snippet as suggested, but it is still not working.

If you enabled direct registration please also refresh permalinks in Settings/Permalinks. Also, try testing this as a new user, there may be a redirect if you’re already logged in and have a vendor profile.

There’s no option to skip the Stripe setup if Stripe Connect is enabled, please describe the use case and we may add it to the upcoming updates. Currently if Stripe Connect is enabled, all vendors have to set up a Stripe account before adding listings or registering, otherwise if they get any orders the automatic payouts will fail.

Hi Ihor,

I appreciate your response. I went to the Settings/Permalinks area and do not see anything that says to refresh that page.

  1. Is there something I am supposed to change on that page?
    See video: 25.08.2022_14.57.31_REC

  2. Did I add the PHP snippet the correct way?

  3. Is there a way to bypass the Stripe setup initially and require it only upon payout request?

I was able to get the /register-vendor to work. However, how do I maket the vendor choose a package/pay when registering as a vendor?

Also, when I click on the Add Listing button, it still does not direct me to the package selection first. Please advise.

Thank you!

  1. Sorry for the confusion, by refreshing I just meant re-saving settings there (this re-generates permalinks, often solving the “Not Found” and redirect issues).

  2. Yes, but I recommend using this plugin instead Code Snippets – WordPress plugin | I’m not familiar with the one on the screencast.

  3. Unfortunately there’s no such option because all payouts become automatic if the Stripe is enabled, the Stripe account becomes a requirement because otherwise payouts will fail and send a notification to admin until the issue is resolved.

Currently there’s no way to require a package during the vendor registration because packages limit listings (the number of listings a vendor can add, expiration, etc). I highly recommend keeping the current order of steps in the listing process.

That worked! Thank you very much!

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