Can I buy the license key instead of theme for less price?

Hi is there a way I can buy the license key for less price instead of the whole theme because it is too expensive for my client right now! I do actually have the taskhive theme however I got a refund last time when I ordered it cuz my client cancelled the order! But I need it now so I just want to know if I can buy just the key for less price or can I use the theme for now for maybe a month or two and then later I will buy the theme for full price? Can u please give me that permission? Will the theme work without the key for few months?

Sorry, I can’t quite understand what you mean, there can’t be a separate license key. If you pay, you always buy the software itself, and it has the license key that provides access to updates & support. If you pay again after refunding your previous purchase you’ll receive a copy of TaskHive in any case (either via email or via the new license key), there’s no difference if you already have a copy of TaskHive.

Okay but can I still use the copy of taskhive that I already have without the license key? Will it work fine? Cuz I want to use it at an event for now and if I will get a good response I will maybe host it and once the website will start making revenue I will buy the theme again and use the license key that would be available with it for the updates! Am I allowed to do that? because I cant afford the theme yet.

Yes, you can use the current version if it’s left after the refund, but we will not be able to support you (we’ll soon close the premium forum categories behind the License Key form) and there will be no updates. We currently don’t do anything regarding the use of unlicensed copies that get no updates, but we may start someday (licensed/unlicensed websites differ in making requests to our update servers).
Please consider supporting our work (sponsoring updates & maintenance this way), the price of the software itself is pretty low compared to further marketing costs & efforts of launching a marketplace website.

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