Can i show Packages before adding listing details?

I have created two packages, but package buy option comes out after filling the listing details, is that possible we can show packages after host registration and after buying the package host can add listing details?

It’s possible with this code snippet:

	function( $menu ) {

		return $menu;

	}, 1000

Please note that this may cause some issues because this pages order is not assumed in the Paid Listings extension code.

When you click on List New property it will redirect you to the buy a package page and that’s what exactly i want, but after that when you buy a package it lists an empty listing without any details and you can see a request on the Admin listing area and when you approve that it’s showed on the Home page without any details referring to 3rd image,

Please try testing this as a new user (not admin), you can also try to unpublish some listing attributes to check if one of these causes an issue. If this issue can be reproduced with a new user, please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it.

i just sent you temporary access, please check

Please re-send it manually with a link to this topic, I’ve just checked the inbox but couldn’t find emails related to this issue or sent from your email address.

Please check again just sent you from nasirzaman***

Thanks, I got the temporary access link. This issue occurs because the Select Package page order is changed using a code snippet, unfortunately it breaks the listing process because at the time of purchase the listing details are not filled yet, and when a new order is marked as Processing or Completed this automatically publishes the current draft listing, and it’s empty since the Add Details step is never reached.

you gave me the snippet to display package before adding listing details, so what we can do now? any other way to display a package before listing so the user can buy the package and then he can add a listing.

Yes, but with a disclaimer:

Please note that this may cause some issues because this pages order is not assumed in the Paid Listings extension code.

It appears that unfortunately there’s no simple way to do this because the order payment always triggers the current listing draft publication (it’s set this way in Paid Listings code) and since the Select Package appears before the Add Details one, the listing draft is always empty. Please consider using the default workflow where the Select Package page appears last.

You can also use the Listing Packages block to show packages on any page (e.g. home page or other landing page) so users will get familiar or will be able to purchase a package before adding a listing.

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