Can I use my own icons in attributes?

Is there a way for me to use my own icons instead of the default attribute icons?

Yes, you can add the HTML code of any picture or icon you need.
Also, you can search here for the icon that suits you. We use icons from this set in our themes.


Don’t quite understand how or where to add the HTML code. Can you provide an example?

i’d like to know how to do that too - where do we upload our icons to? what is the HTML code ( a url link?) I gather the code goes in the Format box?


Yes, for example, if SVG icon, you can try to use this format:
<img src="icon url here"> %value%

Just to clarify, in the “Icon” field, I would select nothing, then in the “Format” field I would enter the HTML code? Please confirm.


Yes, download this icon, for example, in SVG format in Media, and use this URL in HTML code.

Thank you for your help! Unfortunately the new icon does not auto size to match the other icons. It displays full size. Any idea how to fix that?


You can try to add style in HTML code, for example:

<img src="image URL here" style="height:16px;width:16px">

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