Can we import the orders list with vendors names and emails?

I have tried with WP import all and it only shows vendor ID
Thank you


If you use WP All Import then anything is possible since we follow the WordPress database schema for all the data. This will require some mapping of columns to fields though, depending on field names and types. Vendors are stored as custom post type “hp_vendor”, each vendor is a regular users with a linked vendor profile in WordPress/Vendors.

Thank you so much.
Any idea how we exactly do the mapping?
Any tips would be helpful and thank you

Hp vendor just gives the ID actually not the email and name


Please check this topic Import listings with vendors with the plugin WP All Import - #4 by Andrei

Im sorry, terribly sorry
All along i meant exporting the orders for tax purposes
Exporting yeah :slight_smile: sorry


Please check this tutorial WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export - WooCommerce

this is the plugin we’re using actually, but it still won’t get us the vendors emails and names

Yes, vendors are implemented by HivePress so these may not be recognized by third-party WooCommerce extensions, this may require extra integration or set up. Vendor IDs are stored in the hp_vendor meta field of the orders.

Yes thank you, this is excatly whats happening, hp vendor id is the only thing that’s gettibg recognized actually.

Any tips for the integration or the setup we can use to export orders alongside vendor names and emails please?

Please check if this plugin has any extra options for fetching related data, if you fetch the hp_vendor post type by this ID then you can get all the related vendor info (name, description, etc).

The one we’re using? Ive checked actually and nothing seems to work, any suggestions for such a plugin?
Thank you


Unfortunately, we can’t suggest a specific plugin; most likely, you will need to customize and integrate it.

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