Can you explain price extra types?

Hi, can someone explain to me the differences in price extras of the attributes “per place per day”, “per booking”, “per place”, and “per day”?

I’d like to allow vendors to put extras on their services but I don’t know why there are as many as 4 attributes related to that.


  1. Per day - price extras will be added for each day.
  2. Per booking - price extras will be added per booking (regardless of the days).
  3. Per place - price extras will be added per every place (guest).
  4. Per place per day - it’ll be added even for one guest (since the number of guests is 1, the amount is multiplied by 1).

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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Hi, I would like to allow vendors to post extras only “per place” and forbid the other options. How can I do that?


Please check this topic Hide the 2 extra call price options

Also, please note that it can require further customization.

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