Canceling bookings and paying deposits

1- can we cancel a reservation instead of the host?
2- I want to pay a deposit of 10% but that in the details of the reservation the rest is registered: total amount / deposit paid 10% / rest to be paid “90% to the host at check in” how to customize the payment details (attached screenshot of an example)


  1. If you mean “we” - platform admins, then yes, you can cancel bookings in the WP Dashboard > Bookings section by simply deleting it.

  2. There are two ways to implement “deposits”. The first one is to use direct payments, in that case, customers will pay an e.g., 10% commission and the rest will pay to host in person. In that case, you won’t even have to use payouts. The second way is to use the WooCommerce extension for deposits (but the integration is required).

If you want to set everything up as shown on the screenshot, it will require customization, so please consider hiring someone on Fiverr to help you.

Do you know a provider who knows Hivepress on Fiver because every time I ask for a service it is not in their competence: thank you

Sorry, we can’t recommend specific developers yet but you don’t have to look for devs familiar with HivePress, especially for common theme layout and styling customizations - these can be done by any developer with good WordPress experience. If you find a developer, we can also provide some general guidance about the best implementation on the forum so if the developer is familiar with PHP and WordPress they will not get stuck.

ok I will follow your advice, so are there any implementation tips I need to provide for a detailed booking page such as above?

If you mean changing the booking details design, devs familiar with styling/layout customizations will find a way in any case, using CSS tweaks or by overriding template parts. If some changes are non-critial I recommend leaving the layout “as is” because sometimes customizations don’t support backward compatibility and you’d have to check them after every major HivePress update.

I only want the same reservation details as the screenshot

The from/to date fields and the number of places (guests) is already available in Bookings, please try adjusting settings in HivePress/Settings/Bookings. If you mean customizing the form to match this design then this requires CSS and probably PHP tweaks, in this case a developer is needed.

Here is the only way I found for the booking summary to display the total price of the stay (before the final payment) because I find it too important that the customer sees the price in the summary: do you have a formula to answer the question in red of the screenshot

If you use the latest Bookings version, the total price field should be displayed on the booking confirmation page, but it’s not editable, it’s just indicated. Even if you copy its value to a custom editable field, editing this field will not change the checkout total.

the price field is not displayed in the booking summary: supplier side and host side (yes I use BOOKING latest version) and for the price to be displayed as I want I am obliged to add a booking attribute and I have to manually copy the total so that users see the price in the summary… See screenshot thank you

Yes, currently all the payment details are displayed on the linked order page. It’s possible to move the price from the order (payment receipt) page, but this requires customizations. If the booking is just a request then there’s no payment yet (so the order doesn’t exist), it’ll appear after the payment.

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