Cannot calculate reservations of several days

Hi guys!

I accessed another thread on the forum about the same problem that still persists, follow the link: Calculate bad price reservations of several days

As the topic is closed, I would like to know if you already solved the problem.

ihor says: Thanks for reporting, there’s a known issue with this when dates or places are set too fast, the previous calculation terminates causing the incorrect result, we’ll fix this in the next update. Since Out 22

Urgently waiting for the solution, tks


Unfortunately, we have not yet fixed this bug, but we will try to do so as soon as possible (it will be released as a HivePress update).

Hi Andrii,

We are waiting for the solution to be able to launch our website online.
We hope that the solution does not take long, thank you!

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Hi Andrii,

We found the problem and fixed it.

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