Cannot save a listing with multiple categories

We found some more issues regarding CurlMaps We cannot edit a listing. Your team should have the access to the site.

For example, I went to one of my listings:

And it seems you have to make a Category selection from one of the two check boxes (Actually, this should already have a value)

We tested the edit issue on listing 1696 and it doesn’t update. This seems to be a core plugin issue, so it is best to contact HP support.

If you don’t, it says that ““Category” field is required.” Which actually, it should.

But if I check one of the two boxes and attempt to save again, I get this error instead: “Category” field contains an invalid value.

Huh? What does that mean? Makes no sense.

Now keep in mind we have categories in two places. One under Listings → Categories and another under Attributes → Categories which we use for search.


Unfortunately we can’t help with resolving issues caused by customizations. Please note that the front-end listing edit form supports selecting only a single category per listing, if this drop-down was customized to enable multiple selection please make sure that it doesn’t break the listing functionality. If you have a developer for custom work I recommend resolving this with them, I can provide some general guidance regarding the listing form and storage if this helps.

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