Cant configure payment gateway

Hi I have a listing site I have been trying to solve two problems/ One is that I can seem to book as a guest but the main one is through PayPal where the order cant be found The loom link below shows what’s happening I am not a developer so I have been at it for days

Thanks for the details, I replied via email with suggestions - the checkout page is completely implemented by WooCommerce so this issue may be caused by WooCommerce setup & settings, please let me know if you find any extra details related to this PayPal redirect issue.

Was a nightmare I used cartflow to have a better checkout experience and was able to fix from there.

Still not letting me buy as a guest

Please let me know if there are any other WooCommerce-specific extensions that may affect the checkout process (like CartFlow). If there’s only the official PayPal gateway set up the checkout should be ok, it should register the user at the same time if the current user is a guest. Any extra details like a list of installed plugins and steps to reproduce this issue would help.

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