Cant edit security deposit settings

Hello guys,

I am submitting a build I have done for a client, and now I have just tried to check if I can make the Security Deposit field a required field as currently it says (optional) which is musn’t, it must be required. I cant even find the settings for it anywhere on the hivepress backend. It used to be there I’m sure because how would the security deposit field be showing?

How can I also toggle this on or off? When I go to Hivepress > settings, I checked all the tabs (hosts, listings, bookings etc) and every option, nothing about security deposits. Is it maybe findable as an attribute?

Here is my bookings setting section:

I have the booking plugin installed/activated (along with the whole rental hive theme) but on the Hivepress > extensions section it prompts me to purchase the extension?

Please let me know how to sort this

Also how does it show to the guest on the front end of the site?


Most likely, you do not have one of the extensions installed. If you need to set up a deposit, please check this doc How to add a security deposit for bookings - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Not helpful, it seems you did not read my message properly - I added the extension but yet it still wasn’t showing

I would suggest reading my message again as I mention all of this in the first points

Kind regards and thank you for the help


Please send a screenshot of the installed plugins to WP Dashboard > Plugins.


As I clarified in the previous message, you do not have the appropriate extension, namely Marketplace, so you do not see this function, I recommend that you review this doc again How to add a security deposit for bookings - HivePress Help Center

I believe this will be useful to you.

Oh right, thank you - I purchased the full version of rentalhive and it came with marketplace - so I am not sure why it got deleted, but is there a way I can get the file and reinstall it?


I recommend that you look through the purchase mail that you should have received after the purchase, there should be a Marketplace extension file there. If you do not have such mail, you can write to our mail and we will send you mail again.