Can't Import More than one listing

The import listing extension only seems to work with one listing at a time. I have verified that it works with the custom categories I added but only if it’s one listing. Find attached a screenshot of my listings. I’ve tried making sure the categories are correct format, removing any strange characters, etc but nothing seems to work when uploading multiple listings.

Steps to reproduce

I upload a csv with the standard comma delimiter , map the fields, then click import.

Actual result

Takes a little while then just refreshest the same import page with no error , warning or anything. Can this be updated to show unsucessful as I clicked import several times thinking it was a brwoser error or glitch. Until i tried on multiple browsers which made me realize it was just not working.

Expected result

I don’t see the import was successful unless it’s one listing at a time.

Extra details

I have tried with a variety of different listing numbers from 5-30 and so far only doing it 1 at a time works. Which it does quite well but for some reason not for multiple listings.

Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g. a link to your site, screenshots, a list of installed plugins, or the error message you get).

Hi Yevhen,

That’s part of the issue, there are no error messages. As I mentioned, the field mapping page just refreshes once I click import. The only time I receive a message is when the import is successful, and that only happens when it’s one listing in the csv.

in regards to reproducing I attached an image of the csv in the previous message to show the columns, I have and dkind of data. All standard for each column. Is the plugin strict with the data in the columns that it needs it to be formatted in a certain way ?

Columns are:

As I mentioned I have successfully imported with these columns but only when there was one listing in teh csv.

Link to the website is

Here are the plugins I have installed.

Thanks for the details. Please send this sample CSV file (with at least 2 rows) via email to and we’ll test it locally, if there’s a bug we’ll fix it. You can also send temporary WP access and we’ll try to reproduce this issue on your site.

Sounds good Ihor, I have sent a sample csv and access to my website. Cheers.

Thanks, we’ve tested the same file and found these issues:

  • Category labels may not match because of special characters, e.g. &. In WordPress this character is encoded as &, please try setting it this way in CSV and the listings should be created (listings will not be created without a category).

  • There’s a known bug with importing the location coordinates, this will be fixed in the next update.

Also, this issue may occur if there’s a low PHP execution time limit on your site (it’s set by the hosting provider in the PHP configuration), then if it takes too long the import process may be terminated (e.g. if images take too long to download). We’ll also try to find the solution for this in the next update.

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