Can't link User with Organisation?

I have created a User contributor (another person). I added the new organisation. I cannot link the two as under the SETTINGS and to select the User, I type in 3 letters but nothing comes up or shows, which is odd as there are loads of listings in there.

Any ideas???

If you mean creating a vendor profile manually and linking it to a user please make sure that this user has the Contributor role (at least) and try searching this user by username (not first or last name), the user should appear for selection.

Yes they are a contributor. It doesn’t show any organisations and it used to but for some reason it’s not now.

If possible send temporary WP access to and I will check this issue.

Thanks for the details, it appears that WordPress requires a wildcard search for users, by default it finds only exact matches but if you type something like “admin*” it will search for any usernames starting with “admin”. We’ll add this wildcard search to the HivePress core in the next update so this is a temporary workaround.

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