Can't log in or send messages

The last few weeks, I’ve noticed a problem on the site. When I try to sign in, it allows me to input my username and password, but when I hit send, nothing happens. There is no error message or anything, but I remain signed out. However, I notice when I go to litespeed cache and purge all, then I’m able to log in.

How can I prevent this issue? I’m not sure if users can log into my site anymore. And on mobile, I can’t login at all. Maybe if I went to the backend of my site and cleared the cache from my phone it would allow me to login again, but I shouldn’t need to do this everytime I want to log in.

What is preventing me from logging in (and maybe visitors to my site too, not sure).


Most likely, this is an issue with the cache of this plugin, and we recommend disabling it for logged-in users. For more detailed information, we recommend referring to their support or documentation.

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