Cart is not cleared when buying another service

Hi, i have found a problem. I am testing my site out. If someone chooses a gig or service to buy and then when it goes into the checkout basket and they change their mind, there does not seem to be a way to remove the service out of the basket.

for example, i was test out my service and chosen one service to buy which was $20, but that was yesterday, and today i tested it out again and i chosen a service that was $30, but it came up with the total price of $50 because the other order i did not buy was still in the basket.

can you help with this please, thanks

This issue may occur if you purchase services directly via the WooCommerce product pages (via the Add to Cart button), these pages are not used in HivePress. Make sure that you view the listing pages (not WooCommerce product pages), then every subsequent purchase will replace the cart contents for sure.

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