Category-specific booking attributes

Hi! Is there a way to add category at the sidebar of booking attributes?

If possible send more details about this feature, do you mean making booking attributes specific to the listing categories, so there would be different fields in the booking confirmation form depending on the category of the listing being booked?

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Oh, yes exactly that’s what I wanted to say. Because right now, all the booking attributes appear in all listing categories, which are classified as a bookable listings. I wanted to have it just like for listing attributes where you can associate a listing attribute to specific listing category by having a Category setting at the sidebar in the listing attribute setting. Is it also possible for booking attribute setting to have it the same way as the listing attribute setting?

Sorry, there’s no such feature at the moment, but we’ll consider adding it - thanks, it makes sense if the listing categories are related to different service or item types, that require different booking confirmation fields.

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Thank you! Looking forward to it!

Hello Ihor, I would like to have this feature as well as my client is requesting for this distinction. Is there an estimated date of this feature’s release, or any work around you can recommend at this point?

Please let me know if you mean making these dependent on listing categories, or adding separate categories for bookings (e.g. in the same way as for vendors)? We haven’t started implementing this yet so any feedback is appreciated.

Hello Ihor, thanks for your reply!

In my case, I prefer to have booking condition set per vendor.
However, adding separate categories to the bookings extension should also work.

In prior to accept booking, each of my vendors need to check if users satisfies their listings’ requried conditions. Otherwise, vendors cannnot provide full service to users and need to decline.
Therefore, vendor requires to ask 5-10 questions upon booking request.
Majority of those questions can be made common among the vendors in the same listings category, but there will be some vendor specific questions.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature, maybe a Repeater field that will allow defining custom questions for the booking form unique for each vendor.