Certain Email Tokens Not Populating

Steps to reproduce

customising emails via email tokens

Actual result

The below tokens are not working:

Expected result

tokens should bring back expected values


Sorry I’ll not help you, it’s just to confirm that it’s the same in my case BUT. It’s only for the %sender% token.

%user_name% works for me.

I have a similar issue for the seo extension tokens that dont bring the expected values.

I tested:


Please clarify what email template you use where this problem occurs

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It is required to use %listing.field_name% to get the value of the listing field

It works in the same way for vendors and requests

Hi yevhen,

It occurs for “New message” mail for me.

I whrite : “%user_name%, you have a new message from %sender%”.

Result : “Paul, you have a new message from %sender%”.

Please try to use %sender.field_name%

There is the same logic as for listing or vendor tokens which are described above

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Hi Yevhen,

%order_number% in the Order Received Email is not working for us - we’ve tested this twice.

Also, %user% in the Order Received and Listing Approved Emails does not populate (we are using %user_name% as a fix so it’s okay for us).

Thank you :raised_hands:

  1. Please make sure that you have correctly put the %order_number% token in the Order Received email template. It was tested locally and seems to be ok. This token should put the id of the order. If the issue persists, then please share the part of the email where you use the %order_number% token if it is possible. We will check it locally with your email text configuration

  2. Please try to use it in the format %user.field_name%. By default, you can use any of the available user fields, like %user.username%, %user.first_name%, etc

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Hi yevhen,

I’m sorry, but the %sender.field_name% token doesn’t work. It display %sender.field_name% instead of sender name.

Do you know what manipulations I can do to test it again ?

To display the sender name, please try to use %sender.display_name%

It is needed to change field_name in %sender.field_name% on any field name which you can search here hivepress/class-user.php at 3d55519ceec53ee77bbd097482ea7fd620607a3f · hivepress/hivepress · GitHub

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I didn’t get it sorry…

Everything works perfect with %sender.display_name% ,

Thank you :heart:

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