Change "All Categories" in Category filter to something else

I want to rename “All Categories” to “All Styles”.

I tried Loco Translate in the Hivepress plugin but translating it did not change it. Does this need to be change via a code snippet?


Please make sure you translate this string correctly; you can check this doc How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center. Also, please try clearing the cache.

I’ve successfully used Loco Translate to change dozens of words in various plugins. But this one will not change. I’ve synced the template to make sure it’s up to date and still it does not change.

Should the translation be in the Hivepress plugin? I couldn’t find it in any other plugin.


Yes, this translation should be in the HivePress extension.

Thanks Andrii.
It appears that the cache needed to be flushed.

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