Change duration in minutes to other format

Is there a way to change the duration so that its not minutes but that its for example another format such as 00:00 so that the user understands is better?
e.g. 1:30

Please send more details about the issue, do you mean format accepted by the Booking Slot Duration field or other settings, or do you mean the booking Start and End times?

Hi. I am referring the format. Currently its in minutes but the user does not know that its minutes. We could amend the text. The question therefore is if its possible to change the format to: 00:00 so that the user can edit 01:30 for one hour or 00:30 for thirty minutes etc.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple code snippet - this requires advanced customizations. Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll check the possibility to add this feature for future updates

Thanks , this would be nice.

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