Change Listing submitted and Password Changed emails


I need some help with the default emails:

  1. I can block or modify most standard WP emails that get sent, except for a few. One of those I need to block but I can’t is the “Listing submitted” email that is sent to the admin by default. Is this Wordpress or Hivepress sending this email? Because it is not in the Hivepress email templates. If it is a wordpress one, do you happen to know the hook for this email so I can create a snippet to block it? I looked into the Wordpress developer pages but none of the hooks there helped me.
  2. Same issue with “Password Changed” email after a user resets his password. I can’t find the Wordpress hook of this one

Or if anyone has used already a snippet for those, is there a link to those snippets?

Thank you!


  1. Yes, only user emails are customizable in HivePress/Emails, if you mean admin emails like Listing Submitted you can change them using Loco Translate plugin. If you want to disable this email you can change its text to an empty string.

  2. This is the core WordPress email, I assume that you can also change it via Loco. If you mean disabling it you can try this solution

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