Change status of payment in the orders fields on account member

Hi guys!

At the member page on orders field, I can show just conclude status. Other status like canceled, don’t show in the field, like at the images:

I checked the settings on Woocommerce and apparently to be ok. The options they are configured, just don’t show in the account page in the orders field.

In this case, is a problem that you fix or this is the problem that woocommerce fix?



Yes, the Marketplace extension shows only the Processing, Completed, and Refunded orders to vendors, this way vendors see the order only when it’s paid and they can start working on it (Processing), when it’s completed and their share is added to the balance (Completed) or something was wrong and it was refunded. In case of the Canceled status, this one doesn’t mean anything to vendors since orders get this status prior to any payments.


But, Can I create more status that show for vendors the custom status? Or the Hivepress just show this three options?

Unfortunately there’s no way without editing the extension files directly, but I highly recommend keeping these statuses, because some sellers may accidentally deliver an unpaid order (currently sellers get a notification and see the order once it gets the Processing status, which means that it’s successfully paid).

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