Change Stripe Connect Associated Platform Account

Two questions.

  1. When a user claims a listing, how do they replace the existing Stripe Connect Account with a new account?

  2. I am creating a brand new stripe platform account(new account). I had previously used the secret Api key of another stripe account (old account) and would like to change now. I have added the Secret Api key of the new account to hivepress. What can I do about all existing accounts that are already registered to the old Stripe Account? Thanks


  1. Stripe Connect details are saved for the vendor profile, not listings, so if a new user has a vendor profile or it’s being created when transferring a listing, they have to set up their own linked Stripe account.

  2. Please contact Stripe support regarding this, as far as I know sub-accounts (express ones) for Stripe Connect are strictly linked to a specific Stripe Connect account, but maybe Stripe support can assist with transferring them.

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