Change tag filter format to checkboxes on the submit form

Hi HivePress team,

I tried this snippet to change from Select format to Checkboxes, but it does not work. Is there any other snippet to try?

Thank you.


If you need an attribute to select, please try a checkbox instead of tags because the point of tags is that users can add their tags, with the checkbox attribute, this will not be possible.

Hi Andrii,

I know. I don’t want users to add their tags. I already installed a snippet to prevent them to do so. I want to have my own tags permanently set and users will be able to choose from that selection only.

Please consider using a custom Select attribute with Multiple option checked, this would be the easiest way that doesn’t require code changes. The purpose of Tags is to allow user-defined tags, but if you just want them to select tags from a pre-defined list then using a custom Select or Checkboxes attribute assigned to some display area is the easiest way.

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