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Hi There,

Absolutely love the plugin. The only problem that I have is that I created the site in my account using my personal email address. I would like my team to be able to get the website notification emails such as new listing submitted ect. but I do not feel comfortable with sharing my personal email login details with the team.

Is there a way that I can change the email notifications so that they send to our business gmail account which my whole team have access to, rather than my personal account?



There’s no such option in HivePress/Emails yet, but it’s possible with the code snippets. For example, this snippet changes the recipient email address for the “Listing Submitted” email:

		$email['recipient'] = '';
		return $email;

I have tried this code and it still sends to the wrong email address? What is the code snippet to change the email that gets sent to admins when a new user registers?

I have even changed the site admin to my business email and deleted the previous email but it still sends to it😅

Please let me know if you mean the email notification that is sent to the site admin when a new listing is submitted or maybe another one (e.g. when the listing is approved)? The suggested code snippet seems to work for the listing submission email.

Sorry for the delay.

This one is not a HivePress email, it’s a default WordPress one (the notification about a new user registration). I found this article that may help Custom admin email for new user registration | WordPress Q&A

P.S. Please post replies on the forum if required because replies to the forum notification emails are not posted here automatically.

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