Change the word "Day" in price

In Loco i cant see where to translate the word “day”
Can you tell me how to change this?

Hi, I think that this word is the part of some attribute. You just need to find which one and replace it with desirable translation.

Hi Milosevic,

It is not. If I uncheck at bookings in Hivepress “Enable daily bookings” the word ‘day’ is changed into ‘night’. So it is not a attribute issue but something in the code

Hi, you can change it via code snippet.

	function( $fields, $listing ) {
		if (hivepress()->get_version( 'bookings' ) && hivepress()->booking->is_time_enabled( $listing->get_id()) && isset( $fields['price'] ) ) {
			$fields['price']['display_template'] = '%value% / per Hour';

		return $fields;

If I place this PhP snippet I receive a error at my site.
PS I did disable time, only Enable daily bookings is checked

Hello the word per day does exist in loco please try to click on sycronize to make it appear and translate it. I hope that helps.

Synchronize did the trick :wink:
Many thanks it works

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