Changing Post a Request header

I want to change Post a Request header to something else like Post a task or Post a job. how do i go about it? I’ve tried using loco translate but it didn’t work Screenshot by Lightshot

  1. I overrode the Post a Request button and Put the List a service button, see picture of what i did Screenshot by Lightshot and got this result Screenshot by Lightshot
    but the issue is that when i click on the list a service button it shows TEST instead of Sign in, see picture Screenshot by Lightshot. i want it to show sign in

  2. We haven’t gotten update from the paid packages plugin. It is still requesting for the paid packages order to be completed even after making packages it visual and downloadable.

  3. Also the notification to notify users when offers are being made on their requests on the site without email. just like the red notification when a user has a new message.

Thanks alot


  1. Please make sure that you Save these translations (How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center). Also, you can check your templates, maybe you rewrite this title (How to customize pages - HivePress Help Center)

  2. The form title does not depend on overriding buttons and links. Maybe you changed this title to “Test” please check in the Loco Translate text “Sign in.”

  3. It is necessary to configure the payment getaway in WooCommerce correctly, orders must be marked as at least in processing if payment has passed, and this status already triggers the packages (you can check these tutorials -
    Managing Orders - WooCommerce
    Plugins - WooCommerce - Getting Started - 4. Sell Products - WooCommerce )

  4. We plan to add this feature in the next Request update.

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