Charge a deposit on booking

Hello I need that on the reservation the total price is displayed and only charge a deposit of 10% is there a way to achieve this?

Unfortunately, we don’t have this feature.
But we plan to add it in the future.

With direct payment the calculation is not good: it deducts the 10% while the commission must be added to the total in my case

If 10% is the service fee, you can request to pay it online and the rest of the money directly to the vendor. You can try to enable direct payouts in HivePress > Settings > Payouts.

-1-It is not suitable with direct payment, the service fees are deducted from the total price while I want to add them without touching the total price, and charge online only the service fees (10%)

If you mean the buyer fee (added using a suggested workaround, as a custom tax) unfortunately it’s not possible to charge it separately while leaving the remaining amount to be charged in person, it’s possible for the host commission only.

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