Charge an extra fee from users

After trying to use this plug-in to add an end-user fee, one that isn’t charged to the vendor, I’ve ended with it isn’t compatible with the HivePress Booking Plug-in. I know adding a user booking fee is on the roadmap, this may be an easy fix for the interim (or forever?).

I have 2 1/2 weeks left on my 30-day trial (I’m going to request a refund since it currently isn’t compatible) and you’re welcome to use my site to find a solution that can be passed on to others.

There’s a temporary workaround if this fee is a percentage - if you add a custom tax in WooCommerce and name it e.g. “Service Fee” or “Customer Fee” it’ll be added on top of the booking amount and will not be included to the vendor balance. If you mean a flat fee like $1 then yes, there’s no such feature in Marketplace & Bookings yet.

Doesn’t this remove all the local taxes from being included in the vendor’s balance as well? While that would “work,” the vendor would then have to pay the taxes out of their own pocket vs being paid for by the customer, no?

Yes, this workaround may also remove other taxes from the balance calculations since one of the taxes is used as a buyer fee.

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