Check which attributes were changed

Hello, everyone,

today I was testing a feautre added to the site concerning ‘Attributes’.

I made an attribute requestable by people during profile creation in the front end (even afterwards). I selected “Manually Approve Changes” as you see in the screenshot below.

I receive the “pending” request correctly ( I can see it above and near MyListing as red number) but how can I tell what the person has actually changed? That is, in this case it is easy since it is the only thing to be approved manually. But what if I have more than one?


Unfortunately there’s no UI to check this in the dashboard yet, but you should get an email notification with the details about which attributes exactly were edited.

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@ihor can you confirm that the email notification goes to the email entered as admin in here:


Yes, it should be sent to the site admin email.

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Hi all,

I have tested attributes and it seems to work correctly. If a user (seller/host) changes their listing by inserting that field we are notified to approve the changes then the listing remains pending until we approve.

This does not happen when creating a listing. How come?


If you have Manually approve new listings enabled in HivePress > Settings > Listings, you should receive an email as soon as the listing is created.

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Hi @andrii this is the only way right?

Yes, this option enables/disables the initial listing moderation.

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