Checkout and Payment Process

Hi. We are now at the point that listing can be reqeusted and confirmed and its working. Now we are in the Payment Checkout Process. Is there any chance that Data that has already been captured is prefilled there?

Unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment because the fields you added for vendors are custom attributes, WooCommerce can’t recognize which attribute is the address or country, etc. We’ll try to add some option for merging both, but this may be a non-critial issue since you added the vendor attributes (for those who add listings) while the checkout form is for the customers (those booking listings) so customers would have to fill these details in the checkout form anyway.

Hi Ihor,
so I understand this correctly that its more a topic re Woocommerce and the link between Hivepress and Woo Commerce. Then I understand the topic. Is there any payment option that allows to have those fields prepopulated?

There’s no such payment gateway at the moment, we’ll try to add some mapping tool to link WooCommerce checkout fields to HivePress attributes. A mapping tool is required because not all websites leave the default checkout fields, and there are no built-in attributes in Vendors/Attributes be default.
In any case, if someone fills the checkout form once, it’ll be pre-populated on the next checkout.

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