Checkout issues: requirements for buyers missing + payment options missing


In my product + checkout testing, custom requirements for customer are missing. I’m mixing booking + marketplace extensions, could it be any incompatibility when using both extensions at the same time? I need them to be able to book a seat but showing them requierements added by vendors.

Also, I’m trying to setup Stripe Connect but this message appears during the checkout (I’ve just setup Stripe Connect with Hivepress and disable other payments plugins related to Woocommerce)

" * Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements."

When using Stripe Connect, no other payments plugins are required, isn’t it?

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Yes, some features from Marketplace may not be available in Bookings, since the Bookings extension just uses the Marketplace one for payment purposes, calculating commissions, etc. For example, order requirements should be visible on the linked booking order page, but not on the booking page. We’ll try to implement 100% integration for these extensions.

If you mean Stripe method for accepting payments in WooCommerce please make sure that you don’t use WooPayments, try setting up this extension instead Stripe - WooCommerce If there are no country restrictions it should appear on checkout.

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Thank you for your answer:

  • So then, if I’m using Booking extension order requirements as a feature of the Marketplace extension won’t be visible in the checkout? I need this feature in the checkout page, I need to know if this feature is not going to work, it’s a setup problem, or it’s a bug that could be fixed, because it’s a core feature in my website.

  • About payment, double check > Stripe Connect is just for processing payouts, not payments, so I need to install and setup the plugin you’ve mentioned, and setup Stripe Connect just for payouts, is it right?

PS: Is there a place where I can add my Hivepress license key to get premium support after purchising?

Thank you!


  1. The requirements feature works with the Bookings extension, but please note that requirements are displayed on the checkout page of the form (payment page) after you have enabled this feature and filled in the requirements in Listings > Edit listing.

  2. Please check this doc How to enable automated payouts - HivePress Help Center

  3. It displays that you have already added a license key.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Ey Andrii,

Thank you for your answer.

After testing the order requirements issue, I’ve found where is the problem with these fields. The problem is that the “placeholder” field is being mandatory > if you don’t fill this field, the plugin let you “create” create order requirements apparently, but it don’t save them properly and disappear after saving. I think it’s some kind of bug? Can you check it? If you need access to my site please let me know.

In this sense, do you have a PHP snippet to allow vendors to create a field for attachments in order requirements?

Thank you very much for your help.


In this version, you need to fill in all the fields in the requirements, but thanks for your feedback; we will try to improve the UI\UX.

Unfortunately, the attachment option is not yet available in the order requirements.

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