Child theme in /plugins instead of /themes

In the screencast it’s shown that it’s best to use a child theme for making adjustments on the theme. However, the directory shown in the video is wp-content/themes, this will give me different directories than shown in the video. The same directories that are shown are located in wp-content/plugins. Does this mean I need to add the child theme in the plugins directory instead of the themes directory?

This depends on the required customizations, if there are just a few PHP code snippets you can keep them using the Code Snippets plugin Code Snippets – WordPress plugin | or keep CSS snippets in Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS field.
If advanced customizations are required (e.g. if you want to override some template parts) then please create a child theme using a plugin like this one Child Theme Configurator – WordPress plugin | and remove the plugin once the theme is generated.

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