Close search filters by default and expand them on click

Hi, I have quite a few attributes and options. I would like to have the most popular ones open, but the more obscure options closed until you click them. Like with a little arrow button - you click it and it expands. Is there any code that could help with this?

If not, another solution is to have an advanced search screen, and limited attributes to filter on the home page. Is there a way to add an ID or class to each attribute? If so, I can hide the obscure attributes on the home page (fully expanded), and then they can go to the advanced search for all the attributes. Does ACF/Pods allow a new ID field for attributes?

I did see the mobile, click for pop-up, but I don’t think that it gives the look I’m working toward.

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Unfortunately, there’s no such feature; it would require a custom implementation.
But thanks for your suggestion; we’ll consider adding this feature.

If you are familiar with coding, you can do this with a JS script (you can view fields, CSS classes, etc., through the web inspector in the browser).

If customizations are required for your site, please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work

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