Complicated theme modification and bug

I bought the TaskHive theme for its minimalist version but in the end I am disappointed.
The customization of the theme is very limited and there are also bugs to the point that I’m thinking of switching to another theme.
Would it be possible for you to create a child theme to allow us to modify basic things:

  • font size
  • icons in boxes/blocks
  • added breadcrumb
  • title fixed at the top of the pages (listings, listing, request, categories… )
  • customization of blocks (border-raduis…)
  • drop-down menu for categories (listings, requests…) fixed at the top so as to have 3 well-sized listing columns on the page
  • insertion of text and option blocked in order to allow to define the maximum size and weight of downloadable images

Also, what about setting up for payment with a escrow system / trusted third-party solution.

If you manage to fix this, I think your theme can have a great success…

Thank you in advance for your answers…

Thanks for your feedback.

If you found any bugs in the existing functionality (e.g. a button not clickable, or there’s an error message, or something doesn’t work as expected) please post a bug report here Bug Reports - HivePress Community We fix reported bugs with every update.

We’ll try to add more customization options. The main idea behind HivePress and its themes is to keep only the necessary styles and functionality, we avoided loading third-party CSS libraries and JS scripts so the design may be minimalist, but you can re-build any layout using blocks from scratch, e.g. check this example for the Listings page Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube If you mean specific styling changes then yes, some of them may require CSS tweaks (e.g. changing the font weight of a specific heading).

The payment flow works like an escrow by default - all the payments are sent to the site owner first (via the WooCommerce payment gateways), then vendors can request a payout of their balance. You can also enable and set up Stripe Connect, then payouts will be automatic (only when the order is Completed, this indicates that the buyer is happy with the order result).

Hope this helps.

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