Conditional display on rentals

Hello HivePress,
I am trying to limit the display of properties available for renting depending on whether the user is among a list of authorized people.
Any idea on how to achieve that ?

Thanks a lot

If you mean restricting access to searching all the listings or viewing specific listing details, it may be possible with the Memberships extension; you can add a free membership or charge users for revealing the listing details or searching listings.

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Hi yana, thanks for the quick reply,
I will be more specific:

I want each host to grant access to certain users to see their home listing. If the user is not among that list, the user cannot see the listing.

Do you think Membership can do that ?
Thanks a lot

Sorry, there’s no such feature in Memberships at the moment; these restrictions depend on the user’s membership plan. Allowing vendors to select and assign users that can view their listings would require a custom implementation.

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