Conflict with Fancybox in another plugin

The hivepress plugin is not bringing up login modal,message modal,report a listing modal, reviews modal on click.
I had faced this issue earlier and you adviced me to contact author of a certain plugin (Chauffeur booking) that was conflicting with hivepresss
-The author checked and informed that


As I see, there is a conflict between my tool and plugin named “Hivepress”. I mean, the second one returns a JS errors related to the “Fancybox” library which is also used by my plugin.

If you wish I can disable this library in my plugin

He disabled the fancy box library from his plugin but now am facing the problem described

Steps to reproduce

  1. Access
    2.go to the page ‘view drivers’
    3.Open a driver profile
    4.Try to send a message, report a listing or make a review

Actual result

Black screen appears on performing above option

Expected result

As logged out user, the sign in modal is supposed to popup
Alogged in user , the action should be completed succesfull eg send a message, report listing etc

Extra details

Yes, this issue may occur if this third-party plugin uses another version of Fancybox or loads it in a different way. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to fix this, you can try using the suggestions from the plugin developer or try another plugin alternative.

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