Confusion regarding payment breakdown

I have had a purchase on the site, but I am confused by the payment break down and am not understanding how the totals are working together that are shown to the vendor.
I am confused. And think the order shown in the dashboard could also make it more clear what is happening beyond even the fact that I am missing either .43 or 1.02 based on how I’m calculating everything.

Taxes are shown before the “total”, but are actually added after and the actual total after tax is not shown to vendor, then why is the tax even shown?
Commission fee is shown after “total”. Is that when it is calculated off of? I assume no, but order listed seems to imply that. I must be calculating something wrong and confused by this. It would be good to show actual commission fee in addition to how it is shown (percent and flat fee total) so it was less confusing to just have a percent, Also put it next to the price it is calculating it off of.

15 Vendor Chosen Price
+3.68 Service Fee added by platform
-9.3 Vendor Added Discount, (60%, but shows as 62%? not sure why that is)


0.55 sales tax added to that price, but shown above that price makes it look like it was part of subtotal rather than added after that subtotal

+0.55 tax

9.93 total paid by User, not shown on vendor dashboard but on woocommerce

on dashboard it looks like the commission is on the subtotal based on placement, not clear what number it is actually doing the percent off esp with a discount being used
*.2 commission percent

1.88, I’m guessing that is not it. plus commission fee 3 (1.88+3=4.88)

9.38 subtotal not including tax
-3.68 service fee

5.7 actual price chosen by vendor with discount of 60%?

1.0-.62=.38 percent not discounted


5.7 actual price chosen by vendor with discount of 60% verified

*.2 commission percent of 20%

1.14 commission paid to platform by percent?

1.14+3=4.14 Commission percent and commission flat fee, paid to platform

5.7 price chosen by vendor with discount calculation
-4.14 commission percent and fee

1.56 earnings for vendor? but not matching dashboard 1.99

-.59 transaction fee from woocommerce on backend seen, but not listed on dashboard, but on woocommerce.

does this add to vendor’s earnings and where my earnings calculation was off? no

2.15 not matching vendors earnings

payment charged 9.93
-.59 transaction fee from woocommerce
-.55 tax
-4.14 platform commission
-3.68 platform service fee

.97 earnings to vendor? still not matching the dashboard 1.99.
Did I calculate the commission fees incorrectly?


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link sent.


We have checked your listing “Microburst Community Class Event in Eagle Mountain”, and everything seems to be calculating correctly, as you can see on the screenshot: Awesome Screenshot. Please try to test the purchase under a new user.

As for the lines that are displayed in the checkout, we will try to improve this to make it more understandable for the customer.