Content-title does not change the theme's default color

When changing the theme’s default color, content-title does not change its color. This had already happened once and you guys fixed it in a new update. See image. content-title — ImgBB
I changed the default color to red and the content-title remains yellow.

If you use a custom CSS selector please try to add !important property ( Specificity - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN ) in your CSS

Also, maybe there is a mistake in the CSS selector. Please check the CSS selector name

This css is the default theme. Once this issue happened and it was changed in the theme and fixed the issue. I don’t need to make any other css changes. It’s the theme’s default, it doesn’t change the default color.

Sorry for the confusion, I tested this locally and it seems to be ok (a fresh installation of ListingHive & HivePress) after changing colors in Appearance/Customize. If this issue persists please send a link to your site and I will inspect this element via the developer tools.

I did local tests on a new installation and the one that is hosted is also new. And both have this problem. But okay, I’ll remove that content-title from the page. It continues to state that there is a bug, as this has already happened in the past and has been fixed by you. Thank you for your attention.

No worries, we will also try to reproduce this issue. If you have a live website where this issue occurs that would help because we can check why the color gets overridden via the browser web inspector. If not that is ok, we will wait until someone reports the same issue.

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