Contents of my header and footer menu has disappeared

All of a sudden the blog page is now the only think working on my website. You cant even log in anymore. The header and the footer menu are still visible but nothing happens when they are clicked on.

Steps to reproduce

Visit my website and try to click on anything and you will see what I mean

Actual result

It says page not found even when have tried re customizing my page at the Appearance template

Expected result

Items in the header and footer menu are supposed to take you to a different page but this is not happening anymore.

Extra details

Please make sure that there were no recent code customizations or plugin installations that may cause this issue. If the Services page shows the blog posts please make sure that this page is not set as the Posts page in Settings/Reading, you can also check if it’s set as the Listings page in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Display section. Also, you can refresh permalinks in Settings/Permalinks section.

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