Create a page for each attribute option is not working

Hello. I hope everyone doing great!!

I think “Create a page for each attribute option” is not working

When I checked the “Create a page for each attribute option”
and put URLs like this
but, it says “nothing found.”

I tried with your demo contents want to make sure
but none of them work.
Am I missing anything?

Thank you in advance!!

Please refresh the permalink structure in Settings/Permalinks (choose a structure with %postname% if the default one is selected) and check if this issue persists.

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Thank you. I got it!!!

I have another question.
Is it possible to combine two attribute option in one page?
Something like

Sorry, there is no such feature at the moment - the only way to do this in the current version is by searching listings and copying the URL.

I see.
Thank You!!

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