Create a paid subscription

The idea is to adapt the platform in a freemium + membership model for the first 3 months of use, specifically is to publish partially segmented ads, ie, the creation of the user Service Provider should be created as if it were paid (adding the corresponding personal or company data and card data for subscription) giving 3 months free to publish 1 service ad (can be general or specific example: grooming services or grooming services for small breeds dogs).
After 3 months it should be automatically transferred to a paid subscription.
The user must be able to cancel the subscription at any time he/she deems convenient.

Subscription (ref. value 5990+vat): it should be published as a plan to instantly upgrade the free subscription, adding the possibility to make 3 new service publications (can be general or specific, example: dog grooming services specialized in pomeranian, shitzu and poddle…etc) generating or limiting to a total of 4 services to publish (I wonder if this is possible).

Add On (ref. value 3990 + vat): we intend to publish as a plan to instantly add or upgrade the paid subscription, adding the possibility to make 5 new service publications (can be general or specific) generating a total of 9 services to publish.

The general idea of limiting the number of services is mainly to give seriousness to the services to be provided, focus on the service provider and star ratings.

Do you think this is possible to implement with Hivepress?

Thanks for the detailed feedback. We plan to release an update for Memberships that will allow recurring billing (via WooCommerce Subscriptions) and will check if it’s possible to enable a free trial. We plan to update it to offer more (and more flexible) monetization models.

Hi! Will woocommerce subscriptions work on any of the themes? I have RentalHive - converted it into a regular business directory as I loved the look of the theme. Wanting local businesses to pay monthly for their business listing.

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Yes, they already work with Marketplace but not with Paid Listings extension yet, we plan to release a new extension for the monetization model you described as soon as it’s possible.

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